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Dr. Evan M. Chait PT, L.Ac, CNRT


As President & Co-Founder of both Acu-Wellness and Kinetic PT, Dr. Chait provides the leadership and clinical foundation for a team consisting of thirty-five team members. Evan is a Doctor of Acupuncture in Rhode Island and is licensed in acupuncture and physical therapy in the State of New Jersey and New York. He is certified through the Institute of Chinese Herbology and is a certified nutritionist.  

Dr. Chait's Mission is to help as many people as possible and is an avid researcher and student. He has advanced training Manual Therapy, Chinese Medical Pulse Diagnoses, Orthopedic Chinese Medicine and Internal Medicine using Chinese Herbal Therapies. He believes in blending the traditional Chinese Medicine with current clinical nutritional strategies to assess and treat his patients to overall wellness.


Evan has built a successful physical therapy practice over the last fifteen years. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Kinetic PT located in Ramsey and Park Ridge New Jersey. He has co-authored the Sports Injury Guidebook and the Physical Therapy Prescription with Dr. Robert Gotlin and Dr. Grant Cooper, respectively. Evan is a well sought after speaker on the national, regional and local levels in the health and fitness world and has been a featured guest on ESPN Radio and in the ESPN Magazine.


Evan is the creator of the Chait Neuropathic Release Technique (CNRT), a multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment tool that focus’ on the treatment of chronic and acute pain patterns, which has helped over 3000 people with a 80% success rate.


Evan has consulted with the NY Knicks, NJ Nets and has worked with over 100 professional athletes. He has been the lead physical therapist for the Dominican National Basketball & Baseball Teams as well. Evan educates and trains his team to be leaders in the industry and to implement exceptional standards of care.


Evan’s passion is in helping people and his devotion to learning, which differentiates his companies in the marketplace for his patient’s benefits. Evan resides in Mahwah with his beautiful wife, Trisha and daughter, Joline.


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